Ali Gorji: »Und Leben ist Wort-zu-Wort-Beatmung«

(And life is word-to-word respiration)
cinematic interpretation (2017), 16:45

In his composition “Und Leben ist Wort-zu-Wort-Beatmung” (And life is word-to-word respiration), Ali Gorji has divided a text by Shirin Nowrousian into individual syllables. The individual phonemes used are taken from different languages, but they elude any semantic binding and develop their own physical and thus musical expression in the context of this linguistic inexpressiveness. The short film shows a visual interpretation of this composition and the musical encounter between Angela Postweiler (voice) and Alexandros Giovanos (percussion).

9 episodes with “en brèche”

Angela Postweiler (voice)
Alexandros Giovanos (percussion)

Sound: CHEN Chengwen
Camera, editing, direction, production: Tobias Klich

Supported by Filmbüro Bremen / nordmedia – Film and Media Society Niedersachsen/Bremen and tritonus e.V.