Home in six directions

Music documentary (2017), 81 min.
Encounters with contemporary Iranian music

Eight Iranian composers from several generations talk about their music and the relationship to their homeland. Their search for identity is also reflected in their compositions, which are shown in the film.

With Fozié Majd (1938), Shahrokh Khajenouri (1952), Kiawasch Sahebnassagh (1968), Mehdi Jalali (1980), Ali Gorji (1978), Ehsan Khatibi (1979), Elnaz Seyedi (1982), Farzia Fallah (1980) as well as Margit Kern (accordion), Mehdi Jalali (Tanbur), Arsalan Abedian (electronics) and the ensemble LABORATORIUM, Lin Liao (conductor).

Interviews: Joachim Heintz
Sound: CHEN Chengwen, Sebastian Seuring
Camera: Tobias Klich, Hassan Sheidaei, Farhad Ilaghi Hosseini
Editing, Director: Tobias Klich



Press commentaries

“[…] a sensitive approach to the artistic work of eight composers from Iran who were represented at the Dastgah Festival in Hanover in 2016. The film title refers to a poem by the medieval Sufi poet Muhammad ar-Rumi, which describes the search for home as an existential experience and thus also a modern attitude to life.”

Ellen Freyberg | MusikTexte

“Klich succeeds in giving a glimpse of how complicated and contradictory the concept of home can be for artists who have chosen to find their own paths between different cultures.”

Wilfried Hippen | TAZ