ins Herz buchstabiert

(Spelt Into the Heart)
for accordion (2011), 4 min.

At the suggestion of accordionist Susanne Stock, a piece was created whose material refers to a tone series derived from her son’s name. This personal motivation of Susanne Stock to initiate musical gifts for her son with her concert project touches me very much, as it presupposes something very essential: that love and energy can be stored, concentrated and returned in music.

Distorted spectral chords over the letter tones of the name LEON KONSTANTIN form the structural framework of the composition, alternating with a second layer that focusses on individual central tones of the letter tone series that runs through several times. The number of repeated notes and the duration of the chords are derived from the number series of letters in the alphabet and combined with each other in a playful freedom.

Created for the project 14 x 14 by Susanne Stock, commissioned by Klangwerkstatt Berlin 2011.

premiere: 04.11.2011 | Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin
Susanne Stock (accordion)