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guitar duo Henrik Dewes + Tobias Klich

The focus of the guitar duo Henrik Dewes + Tobias Klich is on initiating new works that are developed in close and long-term collaboration with composers. So far, compositions by Farzia Fallah, Jieun Jun and CHEN Chengwen have been created in this way (commissions supported by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung and Musikfonds e.V.); further collaborations are planned with Elnaz Seyedi and Jamilia Jazylbekova, among others. One focus of these repertoire expansions is on special physical or scenic performance situations: Playing back to back, breaking the frontal concert situation or playing four hands on one instrument. The intensive choreographic work transforms each performance into a special concert experience.

In 2023 the recording of Farzia Fallahs guitar duo will be released by Wergo (in coproduction of Deutschlandfunk und German Music Council).

Chamber Music Hall of Deutschlandfunk Cologne, CD production Farzia Fallah, 28.02.2022

repertoire (selection):

Jieun Jun
Ein Beobachtungsspiel (2020)*
for two guitarists (observer), audience and something

CHEN Chengwen
Erkennen des Anderen (2023)*
for two guitars

Farzia Fallah
Täglicher Blick auf den Alborz (2020)*
for two guitars

John Dowland
My Lord Chamberlain his galliard (An invention for two to play upon one lute)
from: The First Booke of Songs or Ayres (1597)

Tobias Hume
The Princes Almayne (Lesson for two to play upon one Viole)
from: The first part of Ayres (1605)
transcription for guitar with for hands by Tobias Klich (2019)

CHEN Chengwen + Tobias Klich
Musik für Gitarre zu vier Händen (2016)* music for guitar four hands

Henrik Dewes + Tobias Klich (guitar)

*) first performance