Jagd- und Flugübungen

(Hunting and flying exercises)
for mandolin and guitar-orchestra (2011), 15 min.

Each instrument receives its own individual string tuning, which takes the form of a section of partials of different fundamental tones. This creates a complex, fluctuating microtonal field in the entire orchestra with the finest gradations, which move on the borderline of timbral and intervallic quality. There is also a spatial arrangement in which the instrument groups are mixed and positioned in several groups around the audience. The central sound processes in the groups are not conducted, but observed and organised by the musicians themselves.

Premiere: 19.11.2011 | University of the Arts Bremen | Bremer Hausmusikwoche
Mandolin and Guitar Club “Stolzenfels” e.V. Bremen
Commissioned by the Bremen State Music Council as part of the Bremen Composers’ Prize 2010