for string quartet (2023), 80 seconds
for Katrin and Werner Rabus on their 80th birthday
by CHEN Chengwen + Tobias Klich
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Die Rückseite der Gedanken

for accordion and guitar (2022–23), 18 min.
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(Butterfly Dream)
in dialogue with Zhuangzi
for string quartet (2020–21), 12 min.
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Verborgenes Zeigen

for (amplified) tanbur (2018), 7 min.
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Die Wiederaufnahme der Zeit

(The revival of time)
A dialogue with Violin tuned D.E.A.D. by Bruce Nauman
for violin with video- or audioplayback (2005–06/2015), 10 min.
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grüntrübe Ritornelle beim Verlassen des Territoriums

(Murky green ritornellos when leaving the territory)
for prepared, amplified guitar and sound direction, 15 min.
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ins Herz buchstabiert

(Spelt Into the Heart)
for accordion (2011), 4 min.
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